National Mulla Sadra Society


One of the centers affiliated with the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute is “The National Mulla Sadra Society”, which has been established in order to introduce Islamic philosophy and the Transcendent Philosophy in Iran and pave the way for research on philosophical topics and provide an appropriate context for philosophical exchanges among knowledge-seekers and expert thinkers in related fields in seminaries and universities.

 The Society's aims are as follows:

  1. Expansion of the context for philosophical research and activities in Iranian society

  2. Creation of an appropriate atmosphere for the exchange of thoughts and ideas among Iranian philosophers and thinkers in order to elevate the status of philosophy in the country.

  3. Giving service to and providing facilities for researchers in the field of philosophy by introducing books, sources, articles, and speeches and reflecting their ideas and thoughts in society.

It is to be noted that all interested individuals, researchers, and authorities can attain the membership of the National Mulla Sadra Society.

The Report of the Annual Meeting of the Members of Mulla Sadra Society

 Date: 22 May 2010

The annual meeting of the Society members was held in 22.4.2010. The Board of Directors of this meeting consisted of the following professors:

- Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei, President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute.

- Hamid Reza Ayatullahi

- Qasim Purhassan

- Hossein Kalbasi

This meeting started with a speech by Dr. Ayatullahi. He provided a general report of the background of the Society and its activities during the previous years and introduced it as an NGO or organization founded by people that must have its own newsletter announcing the news concerning the Society members and their activities and works.

Then the honorable President of the Sadra Islamic philosophy Institute presented some explanations concerning the scientific level of the Society and its importance in national and international philosophy centers and societies and emphasized that the Society must promote the level of its activities both qualitatively and quantitatively. Moreover, he provided some suggestions regarding the activities of the Society in relation to the following points:

1. Programming for the meetings of the Society members every 4 months and choosing a subject for each meeting

2. Research projects with the signature of Mulla Sadra society

3. The “Project of the Biography of Muslim philosophers” for the History of Philosophy Journal

4. Participation in the “Project of Compiling a Comprehensive History of Philosophy”

5. The translation of the works of Muslim philosophers, particularly those of Mulla Sadra, into Persian

6. Summarizing and simplifying the books and works of Islamic Philosophers

7. Effective and harmonious relationship with the other departments of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute

8. Holding language classes for teaching Greek, Hebrew, etc.

Finally, Dr. Qasim Purhassan provided some valuable suggestions for improving the activities of the Society, as given below:

1. Membership of all Iranian MA and PhD students in the Society

2. Issuing a membership card for the members

3. Giving the publications of the Institute as gifts to university students

4. Receiving membership fees

In addition, during the meeting some new members were chosen from among the participants.

Membership in National society of Mulla Sadra