International Mulla Sadra Society


The International Mulla Sadra Society is one of the centers associated with the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute. It was established in 1999 in order to promote the status of philosophy and wisdom, expand the context for research on philosophical topics, introduce the Transcendent Philosophy and Islamic philosophy both outside and inside the country, expand the domain of scientific and philosophical exchanges with universities and national and international institutes and centers, and connect those interested in philosophy to each other.

 The Society's aims are as follows:

  1.  Promoting the status of philosophy and its social and scientific place in the world

  2.  Providing the necessary context for rational and philosophical research

  3.  Creating an appropriate atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and thoughts of the philosophers of the world by holding specialized meetings, gatherings, and round-table discussions

  4.  Assisting philosophers by providing the necessary means for scientific communication, introducing the related books, sources, papers, speeches, and philosophical societies to them, making the sources of Islamic philosophy and Sadrian philosophy available to interested readers, and publishing philosophical books, journals, and papers

  5.  Creating bilateral relationships between the philosophical centers and universities of the world and Iranian and Islamic researchers and philosophers

  6.  Introducing Mulla Sadra’s Transcendent Philosophy and his books and works and clarifying the role and place of this school in the philosophy of today’s world

  7. Training the talents of young researchers in the field of rational and philosophical sciences

 The International Mulla Sadra Society is an official member of the Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP) and has the right to vote there, and the Iranian members of the Society participate in its meetings.

All the philosophers, thinkers, masters, and researchers of rational sciences and philosophy, irrespective of their nationality, can be a member of this Society. At the present, it has many Iranian and foreign members.

Membership in International society of Mulla Sadra