Publication of Issue 45 of the Quarterly of History of Philosophy



Issue 45 of the scientific-research quarterly of History of Philosophy was published. This issue contains the following papers:


“Genealogy and Identity of the World of Suspended Ideas in Illuminationist Philosophy”, Seyyed Mohammad Ali Dibaji

“A Critique of Innate Ideas in Descartes’ Philosophy Based on Sadrian Principles”, Maryam Samadieh and Abdurrazzaq Hesamifar

“A Study of the Illuminationist Elements of Ibn Sīnā’s Works in the Realms of Method, Content, and Language”, Saeed Rahimian

“Anthropological Principles of Hobbes and Spinoza on Government (A Historical Overview)”, Bayan Karimi and Seyed Mostafa Shahraini

“A Study of the Rule of the One from the Viewpoint of Mīrzā Mahdī Āshtīyānī”, Rohollah Adineh, Seyyedeh Fatemeh Babaee, and Adeleh Fallah Daryasari

“Purpose of Rational Training in Heraclitus’ Logos-Centered Philosophy”, Maryam Barati and Rezaali Nowrozi

“Theoretical Changes about the Faculty of Estimation in the Course of Historical Development of Islamic Philosophy”, Mohammad Ali Ardestani


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