Department of Philosophy and Children


Given the importance of education and training in the country, the existing deficiencies in this regard, and the necessity of employing philosophical thinking in society, a particular department called “Philosophy and Children” was established in the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute in 1994. This Department has been working actively in the field of philosophy and children for two decades. One of the projects developed by the Philosophy and Children Department is “The Comprehensive Project of Philosophy and Children”, which has been implemented as a program in volunteer schools.

Basically, “Philosophy and Children” is a program aiming to develop and promote creative and critical thinking in children. In the process of group inquiry in the class, children learn about reflection, judgment, reasoning, interaction, and respect for others’ ideas and practice such activities. If we define philosophy as thinking, and if we consider a child to be a thinking-researching human being, we have reached the true meaning of “Philosophy and Children”.

The activities of this Department are as follows:

1. Devising the Project of “Philosophy and Children” and executing its specified program at school

2. Launching the Internet Website of “Philosophy and Children” ( and updating it regularly

3. Criticizing and reviewing the related published articles and books in and out of Iran

4. Preparing the instructional pack for teachers of philosophy and children

5. Publishing journals and books in the field of philosophy and children

6. Establishing the specialized library for children

7. Holding specialized meetings and conferences with presence of authorities in the field of children’s education

8. Diagnosing deficiencies in teaching philosophy to children in Iran and in the world

9. Signing cooperation agreements with scientific institutes working in the fields of philosophy, education, and training