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Introducing the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute (SIPRIn)


The Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute was founded in 1994 under the supervision of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the purpose of disseminating Islamic Philosophy and wisdom. The Institute started its activities with holding the First International World Congress on Mulla Sadra. In order to accomplish this task, in the first step, a Council headed by Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei was formed. The purpose behind holding this Congress was to introduce and commemorate Mulla Sadra. The Congress was held in the best way possible on 22-26 May, 1999.

Before this event, Mulla Sadra was unknown to the philosophers and thinkers of the world. However, it can now be claimed that one of the most important achievements of this International Conference was introducing the prominent character of Mulla Sadra in a very good way. After the successful accomplishment of this task and observing its positive outcomes, it was felt necessary to expand the Institute. Therefore the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute officially started its activities with the following goals:


1. Introducing Islamic philosophy, particularly, Mulla Sadra’s school, ideas, and theories

2. Translating, editing, and publishing Mulla Sadra’s books and the other works related to the field of Islamic philosophy

3. Consolidating the foundations of wisdom, philosophy, and religious thought and promoting them in society

4. Establishing relationships with philosophers and philosophical centers in and out of the country, exchanging thoughts and information with them, and having similar cooperation

5. Doing research-oriented and scientific activities in the field of philosophy


In order to attain the above goals, the Sadra Institute has taken the following steps:


1. Founding the Mulla Sadra National and International Society

2. Founding the Permanent Secretarial for Conferences

3. Founding the Edition Secretariat

4. Founding the Secretarial for the Translation of Mulla Sadra’s Works

5. Launching the Mulla Sadra Internet Website in three languages

6. Founding the House of Wisdom and Philosophy

7. Founding the Philosophy and Children Department

8. Founding the Center for Compiling a 40 Volume Series on the History of Philosophy in Iran and the World


It is worth mentioning that the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute is the biggest research center in Iran working in the field of philosophy, particularly, Mulla Sadra’s school of thought.