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  Publication of Issue 24 of the Quarterly of History of Philosophy 01.11.2016  
Publication of Issue 11 of Philosophy and Children Journal 19.10.2016

Publication of Issue 83 of Kheradname-ye Sadra

Publication of the Collection of the Selected Papers of the 19th Mulla Sadra Conference 22.08.2016

Publication of the 23rd Issue of History of Philosophy Quarterly


Publication of the 82nd Issue of Kheradnameh-ye Sadra

The 20th Annual Conference on Mulla Sadra 31.07.2016
Publication of A Design for the Management of Philosophy and Children Classes 26.07.2016
Publication of the 10th Issue of Philosophy and Children Quarterly 23.07.2016
An Interview with Professor Ayatullah Khamenei, President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute on “Rights in Nahj al-Balaghah” 19.07.2016
Publication of Philosophical Education in the Transcendent Philosophy 16.07.2016
Publication of the 22nd Issue of the History of Philosophy Quarterly 11.07.2016



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