Call for Papers for the 23rd Edition of Conference of

Commemorating Mulla Sadra


The Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute has devoted the 23rd edition of its annual conferences to the theme of “Iranian Philosophy and Transcendent Philosophy” on May, 2019.

All professors, authorities, and researchers are invited to send their papers on the following topics or the related ones. The papers should enjoy new themes and explanatory approaches.

Interested people can email their papers to Please write “Related to the Conference of May, 2019” in front of the subject of the email.


Topics and subjects:

 1)    Elements and components of Iranian philosophy in the Transcendent Philosophy

  •   Possibility of dialogue between Khusrawani philosophy and the Transcendent Philosophy

  •   Iranian resources and origins of the Transcendent Philosophy

  •   Elements of Khusrawani philosophy in Sadrian philosophy

  •   Elements of Iranian philosophy in thoughts of Sadrian and neo Sadrian philosophy

  •   Revision of Iranian philosophy and Greek philosophy based on Mulla Sadra’s Qura’nic philosophy

  •   Khorneh: angelology in Iranian philosophy and its relationship with intellect in the Transcendent Philosophy

  •   Perfect Man in Khusrawani’s thought and Shi’ite wisdom

  •   Death and immortality in Iranian philosophy and the Transcendent Philosophy

  •   Practical wisdom in Khusrawani philosophy and the Transcendent Philosophy

  •   “Philosophy for Children” in Khusrawani and Transcendent philosophies


2)    Wisdom and philosophy in ancient Iran

  •   Philosophical thought in early Iranian philosophical texts

  •   The reasons of lack of philosophical resources in ancient Iran

  •   The attack of Greeks and Alexander to Iran and its role in annihilating of Iranian philosophical texts

  •   Origin and resources of Iranian philosophy

  •   Unity between religion and intellect in early Iranian thought

  •   Farrih Izadi (Charisma) in Iranian thought

  •   Hermesian and Mithraic traditions in Iran

  •   Magi’s role in Khusrawani philosophy

  •   Wisdom in Iranian myths

  •   Iranian wisdom in Persian poet

  •   Cosmology in Khusrawani philosophy

  •   Philosophy of education in Khusrawani philosophy

  •   Iranians, philosophy, and patterns of training of children

  •   A comparative study between Iranian educational patterns and schools of philosophy of education


3)    Iranian philosophy in history of philosophy

  •   Revise of history of philosophy and a study of Iranians’ role on it

  •   Impact of Iranian philosophy on Greek philosophy/Iranian worldview in the form of Greek worldview

  •   Impact of Iranian philosophy on Mesopotamia

  •   Iranian wisdom from the view of early philosophers (Empedocles, Anaxagoras, Xenophanes, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Heraclitus, Plato, Epicureans, Cynics, Augustine, Eckhart, Aquinas)

  •   Iranian wisdom from Arab thinkers’ eye (Ibrahim Madkur, ‘Abdulrahman Badawi, Majid Fakhri, Abula’la Afifi, ‘Abid al Jabiri, Mohammad Ali Aburin)

  •   Iranian philosophy from contemporary Western thinkers’ viewpoint

  •   Iranian philosophy in India and Far East


4)    Iranian philosophy and Shi’ite Islamic thought

  •   The relationship between Iranian culture and Islamic thought

  •   Cultural and social contexts in Iran at the period of acceptance and development of Shi’ite

  •   Iranians’ proportion in development and dynamic of Islamic philosophy

  •   Place and role of Persian language in Islamic philosophy

  •   Iranian and Shi’ite wisdom (Batini, Isma’ilite, and Transcendent)

  •   Iranian philosophy, Shi’ite philosophy and flux of orientalism (orientalists)

  •   Henry Corbin and revise of Iranian philosophy


5)    Iranian philosophy and contemporary cultural social needs

  •   Iranian philosophy, the Transcendent Philosophy, and Islamic revolution

  •   Iranians: philosophy and cultural identity

  •   Social manifestations of the relationship between Iranian culture and the Transcendent Philosophy

  •   Iranian culture, the Transcendent Philosophy, and lifestyle

  •   The relationship between Iranian Islamic culture and coming patterns of development

  •   Resources of Islamic Iranian philosophy to attend in modern world

  •   Philosophy and wisdom being as bridges between Iran and world

  •   Unity of Iranian and Islamic philosophies: a pattern for unity of cultures and reinforcement of peace

  •   Resources of Islamic Iranian philosophies for strengthening of humanities


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