Matla' al-i'tiqad fi m'arifah al-mabda' wal ma'ad

 Mulla Muhammed Fuzuli Baghdadi was a distinguished Shi'ite litrary man, poet, and thinker of the 10th century A.H. who wrote in Persian, Turkish, and Arabic. He has some invaluable works in these languages in poetry and prose including Mathnawi-e haft jam or Saqinameh, Treatise of rend wa zahed, Mathnawi-e bang wa badeh, and Hadiqah al-s'ada'.

The present book is on Islamic Kalam and the only work of Fuzuli Baghdadi written in Arabic prose. This book consists of an Introduction and four chapters, each contains several sections. The titles of the four chapters are as follows:

al-Rukn al-awwal: Fi m'arifah al-'ilm wa 'ilm al-m'arifiah

al-Rukn al-thani: Fi m'arifah ahwal al-'alam

al-Rukn al-thalith: Fi m'arifah al-wajib wa ma yutha'alaq Baha

al-Rukn al-rabi': Fi m'arifah al-nubuwwah wa mutaallaqataha

In order to facilitate data location, a complete list of verses, hadiths, quotations, names, key terms, groups, and sources has been provided at the end of the book.

The book Matla' al-i'tiqad fi m'arifah al-mabda' wal ma'ad has been published in 111 pages by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Publication Center. Subhan Ali Kusha edited this work, conducted the required research for it, and wrote an Introduction to it.