Transcendent Ethics

Collection of the Selected Papers of the 15th Mulla Sadra Conference, 22 May 2012, Tehran

In line with disseminating practical and applied philosophy and introducing it to society, the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute has devoted the 15th Conference of its annual conferences to the subject of "Transcendent Ethics" with special focus on using the model of transcendent practical philosophy in today's society. The most important topics presented in the Conference consisted of individual ethics, ethics in family, social and civic ethics, political ethics, professional ethics, and comparative studies of Islamic ethics, Western ethics, and Eastern ethics.

From among the one hundred papers sent to the Conference, 37of them were chosen to be made available to interested people. A round table discussion on the topic "Possibility of Establishing the Philosophy of Ethics base of the fundamental principles of Islamic Philosophy" was also run in the conference with presence of authorities in the field. A report of this event is also given in this book. The book Transcendent Ethics has been published in 564 pages under the supervision of Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute.